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Reset Wallet & Account on MetaMask Chrome Extension

If you are a crypto trader, you must have an account on any crypto wallet as it is necessary because you
need space to store your digital assets somewhere. And MetaMask is one of the most trusted wallets
present from all the other software wallets present. Over time MetaMask has created such an image
that all the users prefer to go with the MetaMask wallet only. This wallet is available as both a mobile
application and also a MetaMask Chrome Extension.

Though this write-up is not about the features of MetaMask, instead it is for those who are looking for
the steps to reset their wallet and reset their account. 

Is wallet reset the same as account reset?

New users often get confused about the account reset and wallet reset. They do not know the point of
difference between them. It is important for you to know the difference before you take any step
because it will help you determine which method you should follow to get the desired result. 
In the reset wallet option, you will be required to get your account back via Secret Recovery Phrase as
your wallet would be removed from the device. 
Whereas in the Reset Account option all the account data including transaction history, and some other
things as well would be deleted. But your wallet account would not be deleted.
However, it is recommended that you should not reset your account and only do it if it is suggested by
the customer support team because of some error. And also remember that the option of wallet reset is
only available to the mobile application and not on the MetaMask Chrome Extension.

Wallet reset process for MetaMask Chrome Extension

1. Uninstall your MetaMask first. You will have to remove the installed MetaMask Extension from
2. Install the extension again.

3. Now start the extension and on the welcome screen you will see the option to import the wallet
and create a new wallet.
4. You will have to tap the button of Import because you are resetting your wallet. 
5. After this, you have to enter the account Secret recovery phrase.
6. Now, in the next field set up a new account passcode for the unlocking procedure in the future.
If the Secret Recovery Phrase entered is correct, you will be able to access your MetaMask Chrome
Extension account in the same manner as before.

How to Reset the Account?


You should only clear your account activity unless it is necessary or recommended. Otherwise, it is not
advisable to delete all the account data. And now if it is required for you to erase the account activity
then follow the steps for it for the MetaMask Chrome Extension:
1. Open your MetaMask Account.
2. Now, go to the three vertical dots that are present in the top-right corner.
3. Tap ‘Settings’.
4. Now, click ‘Advance’.
5. Scroll down till you find the option of ‘Clear Activity and nonce Data’. 
Wait for some time and after that, you would find that your data has been cleared just as you wanted. 


Summing it up

We have talked about the resetting process of both the wallet and account on the MetaMask Chrome
Extension. Though these steps should be undertaken in case of emergencies only. And if you want to
delete your account permanently from the MetaMask then it would be disappointing for you to know
that it is not possible to do so. All you can do is just remove the installed extension and stop using your
account. There is nothing more that you can do about it in this situation.